Health Care for People of Refugee Background

Toni Maldari

A download of Toni’s presentation can be accessed by clicking here.

Pre session summary…
This will be an interactive session using a case study to illustrate the journey of a refugee prior to coming to Australia, and the challenges they face settling in Australia.  We will discuss the barriers they experience in accessing health care, and what we can do to help. I will highlight the importance of person-centred care, the value of team based care, and continuity of care.

Post session facilitator summary notes:

  • Session had a focus on overcoming health challenges
  • Use of interpreters is very important for facilitating communication,  increasing understanding of patients and assisting in interpretation of health status.
  • Interpreters should be geneder based
  • Cultural competency of workforce
    • Understand patients culture
    • Ask the right questions
  • Using the ASK principle
    • A – Ask & Listen
    • S – Screening: comprehensive health assessments
    • K: Kinds: show kindness and understanding