Leveraging the capacity of ‘HealthPathways’

A download of Andy’s session can be accessed by clicking here.

A little bit about this session…

‘HealthPathways’ is a central tenet of the successful ‘whole of system’ reforms in the Canterbury (NZ) Health System. It is currently available in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, covering over 26 million people, with further growth occurring.

The story of ‘HealthPathways’ is told within the context of the wider ‘whole of system’ transformation that continues to occur within the Canterbury health system.

This session will consider how it is utilised to engage clinicians, improve patient care and the efficiency of a local health system both within and external to Canterbury. It will ask several questions including:

  • What is the story of its implementation in other health systems and is it being utilised optimally as a part of wider system change?
  • What are the pre-requisites required to successfully implement ‘whole of system change’ and ‘HealthPathways’?
  • How do you ensure these are in place in your region?
  • Can the change achieved in Canterbury really be applied to differing structures and systems?