Leadership in Primary Health Care

Helen Stone

A download of Helen’s presentation can be accessed by clicking  here.

Pre session summary

Pharmacists, as medication experts, need to play a bigger role as healthcare advisors – people often underutilise the expertise of a pharmacist when managing their medications. The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia are leading advocates for pharmacists working in collaborative care models. Community pharmacies are a vital and accessible network across Australia, so where else are pharmacists leading change and connection in medication management? Pharmacists are working collaboratively in GP practices and pharmacies are embracing the health destination pharmacy change program with patients experiencing the excellence in pharmacist care that leads to better health outcomes.

Post session facilitator summary notes

  • Pharmacist tasks can be replaced by digital transaction but….. what will the role of pharmacists be?
  • Pharmacists embedded in General Practice make a difference
    • As an additional level of care
      • Educate patients as an interation
      • Optimise prescribing as a GP service
    • Pharmacists are good at sharing information (but they need to be funded to do this) & they get good results.