How did you end up on so many tablets? Deprescribing, we are all in this together

Prof Sepehr Shakib

A download of Sepehr’s presentation can be accessed by clicking here.

Pre session summary
A case presentation of polypharmacy and deprescribing concentrating on interactions between healthcare professionals, and healthcare professionals and consumers.
The session encourage audience participation by talking through a case and discussing the case with the audience.

The building blocks addressed will include:

  • team based care
  • continuity of care
  • comprehensiveness and care coordination

Post session facilitator summary notes…

  • Presented an example of the veteran diabetic, chronic, complex group and posed the question: How well do the clinicians involved in the care, communicate on the management of the patient’s care?
  • Can de-prescribing help?
  • Need for integrated care; communication across system (acute/ primary health care) & involvement of patients and families.