Enhanced Access – Remote and Telehealth

Rosy Tirimacco, Sarah Wiles, Noelene Cooper, Tracy Maynard

A download of Sarah’s session’s slides can be accessed by clicking here.
A download of Noelene’s session can be accessed by clicking here.

Pre session summary

  • Better Health Care Connections – Silver Connections
    This pilot project demonstrates the benefits that were identified, by GPs providing video consulting to residents in Residential Aged Care Facilities through a pilot project in the Barossa Valley.  This is an additional method of service delivery to enable residents timely access to a GP and avoid unnecessary ambulance transfers to hospital.
  • From aged care to cardiac support – a CSAPHN supported solution enabling communication between private providers and SA Health.
    The pilot proofs, the roll out of licensing to Country Practices, linking the telehealth solution to ICCnet, acute cardiac support and cardiac rehab support, access to private specialists.

Post session facilitator summary notes

Remote & Health

  • Build a system which works with our major health provider, SA Health, easy to use as skype encrypted, and capacity to support network
  • Health connections platform can be managed. Better supported than skype – control of the platform standardises quality
  • Real time use and practical application for RACF residents = using silver connections


  • Telephone to Telehealth – video conference use for ICCnet. Improvements and success will be increased as video conferencing applied
  • Specialist access to video conferencing allows 30-32 extra patients to receive care per day
  • Cardiac Rehab – use of conferencing for country clients managed by city base. Limitations in cardiac rehab locations – overcome by CATCH